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Drive Systems Drive Systems


A drive system for everyone? That was how it was before. The success of the e-bike now covers all bike sectors and also includes a variety of e-bike systems to match.
The Kalkhoff platform concept taps into the potential of this variety and opens up drive options in the core e-trekking and e-city segments, as already established in the automotive sector.


A success story: Founded in 2009, presented in 2010 and marketed in model year 2011. Bosch e-bike Systems has been equipping e-bikes with powerful drives ever since.
Ultra-modern components and the high degree of design freedom in Bosch drive systems form the foundation for a variety of uses, be it mountain bike, trekking, city or touring bike.
The individual components of the Bosch e-bike system come together like a well coordinated team. The result is a perfectly tuned combination - for the highest degree of efficiency, comfort and riding pleasure.


SHIMANO STEPS represents top-class e-bike components. The Japanese component manufacturer develops and produces a wide range of e-bike systems at its own production sites all over the world – light, compact and powerful mid-mounted motors, long-lasting batteries and bike computers.
Short or long distances, smooth roads or rough terrain? There is a suitable SHIMANO STEPS system for everything. All of them are designed in such a way that they run like a normal bike and can be easily configured to individual needs.


Kalkhoff created the Groove Next system especially for use in urban e-bikes. It is based on the compact Groove Go rear wheel motor, which has been tried and tested hundreds of thousands of times and which is combined with the specially developed, slim Groove Next battery.
This is how a drive system especially for use in city e-bikes came into being. Therefore, the Groove Next package is perfectly coordinated in relation to weight, performance and robustness. It represents fun when riding, makes e-bikes “portable” (for bicycle storage areas or flats) and provides enough energy for one day in city traffic.