Bicycle with step-through frame

This type of bicycle is becoming more and more popular, and increasing numbers of bicycle manufacturers are offering them. Bicycles with step-through frame offer advantages for many different types of cyclist. In the following, you can read what these advantages are.

What is a bicycle with step-through frame?

A bicycle with step-through frame has a special frame shape that makes the step up to get on the bike very low. The down tube of a bicycle with step-through frame is curved in a wave shape to make getting on and off as easy as possible. This frame shape does not have the top tube that many other models have. In the past, this 'low-entry' shape was considered an indicator of a ladies' bike, but nowadays it is popular as a unisex model for both city and trekking bikes.

What are the advantages of a bicycle with step-through frame?

With a bicycle with step-through frame, you do not have to lift your leg much at all to get on and off, and since there is no top tube, you never have to go through the awkward motion of swinging your leg over it or the pannier rack. Thanks to the comfortable step-through and the placement of the pedals close to the ground, getting off the bike is extremely relaxed, as is stopping in traffic. The special frame shape with a low frame tube ensures an upright sitting position that is easy on your back, neck and wrists. So for many cyclists, a bicycle with step-through frame offers increased safety, comfort, and riding pleasure.

What other bicycle frame shapes are there?

The diamond frame was once considered a classic men's frame that combines high stability with low weight. 

A hybrid form of diamond and deep entry is the trapeze frame. On bicycles with a trapeze frame, the top tube is lowered a little further than on the diamond frame, so that as a rider, you swing your leg over it more easily. 

In terms of comfortable and safe riding, however, the bicycle with step-through frame beats them all. 

Who are e-bikes with step-through frame made for?

E-bikes with step-through frame are unisex bicycles suitable for all people who are concerned with comfort and safety on their e-bike. Older people, people with limited mobility or high body weight, and young parents in particular experience real advantages with the step-through frame shape. But cyclists who commute to work every day by e-bike also appreciate the advantages of the step-through model. Things like riding with a pannier rack-mounted child seat with a child on it, wearing tight-fitting business clothes while cycling, or physical limitations will not be an issue when cycling with a bicycle with step-through frame. 

What do I need to know about the batteries on a bicycle with step-through frame?

There is nothing special you need to worry about with regard to the batteries for a bicycle with step-through frame. Bicycle manufacturers have many options for placing the battery on a bicycle with step-through frame. There are batteries that are located on or in the frame tube, and others that are placed behind the seat tube or under the pannier rack. As with all e-bikes, the battery should have sufficient capacity for the cycling tours you plan to make. 

Since bicycles with step-through frame are often used for city and trekking bikes, they are perfect for everyday cycling and medium distances. The more watt-hours your battery offers, the further and more demanding distances you can cover with it. Likewise, with regard to shifting gears, bicycles with step-through frame work just like other bicycles and are available with chain or belt drive in all possible variants in specialist shops. If you are interested in an e-bike with step-through frame, you are certain to find one that meets your needs.