Maximum load capacity up to 170 km for added flexibility and resilience.

The PLUS+ not only stands for extra resilience, but also even more flexibility in any situation. With a maximum total load capacity of up to 170 kg, the PLUS+ models can handle any additional baggage, while still offering plenty of comfort. In the city on the IMAGE+, on forest roads on the ENDEAVOUR+ or off the beaten track in the countryside on the ENTICE+.


The powerful city e-bike

IMAGE+ bikes are absolute all-rounders in and beyond the city limits.

Whether it’s a morning trip to daycare, then to the office, a trip to lunch with your favourite colleagues, followed by the weekend shopping in the evening – you can do it all with just one bike.

Our city e-bikes are veritable miracles of mobility that can take on any urban challenge because they perfectly combine a powerful and robust safety set-up with the light weight of a classic city bike.

Florence, aged 38 from London

Thanks to the IMAGE+, strenuous after-work chores have been transformed into a daily delight. Even a bicycle trailer or other additional loads pose no problem for the bike's compact yet powerful drive system!


The strong and robust e-trekking bike

Reach every destination effortlessly and in comfort – whether it’s on asphalt in the city or gravel and forest roads on weekend trips. The ENDEAVOUR+ is an e-bike that relishes each and every challenge.

Thanks to the powerful Bosch drive technology, you can speed through the morning commuter traffic faster than by car. This trekking e-bike can also handle heavy baggage with these. Its frame and set-up combine clean lines with power and comfort. Whether you’re dressed for business or pleasure, this bike always guarantees the right look. The ENDEAVOUR+ models are perfect for tall or heavy riders and for anyone who has slightly more to transport. But there’s no need to compromise on comfort – rigid designs are now a thing of the past.

The ENDEAVOUR+ is perfect for large riders and for anyone who has slightly more to transport.

Ben, 47 aged from Manchester

To clear my mind, I most enjoy riding my sporty electric bike through the beautiful Peak District. The off-road touch of the ENDEAVOUR+ trekking e-bike guarantees you a fun ride. But I wouldn’t do without the trekking e-bike even for work, because regardless of how much I have to carry, it still all fits!


The sporty all-terrain e-bike

Adventure calls – with the ENTICE+ series, exploring new roads and terrains is a breeze. Our top-class SUV e-bikes serve as trusty companions on Alpine tours or long trips from the North Sea coast to Lake Constance. The PLUS+ models feature reinforced frames and wide studded MTB tyres, making them perfectly adapted for use off the beaten track.

No gravel road is too bumpy, no ascent too difficult and no descent too steep. The all-terrain e-bikes offer the highest level of comfort, making even an everyday journey as unforgettable an experience as an adventure off the beaten track.

Thanks to its powerful Bosch drive, the e-bike can take on any surface. Even bicycle trailers, panniers and other heavy loads are no problem, whatever the surface.

Jane, aged 42 and Patrick, aged 45

For us, weekends mean getting out and about in nature! Tent, baggage and supplies – it all adds up to quite a bit of weight. The powerful ENTICE+ allows us to transport everything to our destination easily and safely– even on bumpy tracks. Because of its very smart looks, we’ve actually often been stopped by other cyclists.

PLUS+ bikes have a payload of up to 170kg. The calculation is based on bike weight + rider weight + payload.