A new era is beginning.

Our new home in Cloppenburg.

What started in Cloppenburg in 1919 is set to continue in Cloppenburg in 2022 – a century later, Kalkhoff is embarking on a new journey.

For us, the construction of a new plant means a new home that allows us to advance to the next phase of the bicycle history started by our founder Heinrich Kalkhoff.

Old becomes new


Heinrich Kalkhoff first set up business independently at his parents’ home in Kessener Weg in 1919. The business grew rapidly and he soon expanded the house to create a bicycle plant.

By 1970, it had outgrown the building and a larger factory was built in Siemensstraße, which has been our home since then. As we now advance to the next phase in our bicycle history, it's time to forge new plans once more and create a brand-new plant.

This year, we’re set to open Europe’s most state-of-the-art bicycle plant in Europa-Allee – our new home in Cloppenburg.

The Big Bike


Visible far into the distance – our Big Bike, installed on top of the sprinkler system tank. The big white bike can be seen from afar, sending a signal to the world that we manufacture Kalkhoff bikes in Europa-Allee.

In the future, we aim to produce some 400,000 bikes at our new home. To do that, we need more space, ideally a total of 50,000 m². After 18 months of construction, we just can’t wait to complete the move into our new home."

First bike


Part of our production has already relocated, in order to enable process optimisation. On the 65-m long assembly line, the first ever bike was produced on 7 March. Soon, a completely assembled bike will be leaving the production facility every 30 seconds.

But our new plant offers more than just state-of-the-art production lines. The massive windows ensure maximum daylight in our production hall. Individually adjustable workplaces help prevent back problems at work and staff have much shorter commutes to work.

Can’t wait any longer? Neither can we. :-) But we’re currently working under pressure to prepare our brand-new home. Register for our newsletter and be the first to find out when it all starts.






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