Experience our new Level 7


Level 7

Takes you everywhere.

Perfectly equipped for the challenge

Level 7 models come with a range of different seatposts to suit any challenge. Choose from extra suspension for countryside jaunts or opt for added comfort with dropper suspension.

Fully networked

With the Bosch Smart System, the Level 7 components are fully networked. This makes it easier to do updates and use a range of additional features.

More powerful drive system

Thanks to the Bosch Performance Line CX motor and 750 Wh battery, you’re perfectly equipped for any adventure with the Level 7 models.

Taking design to a new level

The centrepiece of our new top models is the specially developed Level 7 frame platform. Not only minimalist in design, featuring integrated cabling routing and clean lines, its total permissible weight of 170 kg means you can also take a lot with you. It takes the unique Kalkhoff riding experience up to the next level!

Intuitive operation

Your direct route to the e-bike future! The Kiox 300 display enables you to keep a constant eye on your fitness data. It is operated intuitively via the LED remote control unit that can easily be reached as you cycle – without taking your hands off the handlebars. Even smarter: using the eBike Flow app, you can network the drive system with the other components on your bike, enabling you to access additional features, such as activity tracking, and even lock your e-bike digitally!

Forward at full power

In order to ensure you can set off energetically on your next great adventure, we have combined the powerful Bosch Performance Line CX motor in our new Level 7 models with the biggest batteries in our range. 750 Wh will get you (virtually) anywhere! When you eventually need to charge the battery, simply pull it down to remove it or leave it on the bike to charge.

Made with you in mind

All of the other components have also been carefully selected to offer you a perfect riding experience! For example, our city models are equipped with droppable seatposts, enabling you to get on and off your bike in comfort. For all-road models, depending on the options, you can choose from two different shock-absorbing seatposts. For extra safety, powerful brakes are combined with the Supernova Mini 2 Pro headlight with high beam. Thanks to the newly-developed headset and new seat clamp, adjusting our Level 7 to suit you could hardly be easier. What are you waiting for?