What kind of e-bike suits you?

What kind of e-bike suits you? What kind of e-bike suits you?



Our e-trekking bikes are truly versatile: they are ideally suited for a quick exercise session, extensive holiday tours or even for everyday tasks. All the while making you fall in love at first sight. Ambitious design meets exhilarating riding dynamics.


Roaming with style: Endeavour 5

Kalkhoff’s Endeavour 5 e-trekking bikes will captivate you with their integrated batteries, clean cockpits and Kalkhoff’s idiosyncratic design. The innovative platform concept also offers an extremely wide range to choose from.


Performance sweet spot: Endeavour 3

Kalkhoff Endeavour 3 offers an introduction into the world of integrated e-bike design.


Honed over time: Endeavour 1

Honed over time: Kalkhoff’s Endeavour 1 models equipped with external batteries are universal e-trekking bikes suited to everyday life as well as cycling for pleasure.


Crossover concept: Entice 5

Adventures begin as soon as you leave your front door thanks to Kalkhoff’s Entice e-bikes. Whether cycling on tarmac or in nature - the Entice models will confidently overcome whatever terrain you throw at them.



Our city e-bikes are multitalented. Perfect ergonomics, simple handling and perfect riding comfort - for short stretches and long outings.


Sauntering with style: Image 5

Image 5 is the crowning achievement of the e-city segment. The Image 5 models are elegant and combine optimal integration with high-quality convenient equipment and an upright sitting position.


Effortless mobility: Agattu 3

There’s comfort, and then there’s Agattu 3: comfort takes top billing for the Agattu 3 family. The particularly low and wide step-through points the way: simple handling and optimal riding and operating comfort are the Agattu 3’s outstanding features.


Excellent, from experience: Agattu 1

They have been bestsellers for years: a low step-through, high riding stability and energy reserves even for long outings are the reasons behind the Agattu 1 models’ popularity.



Our urban e-bikes are lightweight, robust, uncomplicated and, with good reason, among the most popular e-models in cities, thanks to well thought-out features.


Electrifying eye-catcher: Berleen 5

Kalkhoff’s Berleen 5 models are real eye-catchers and hardly look like e-bikes from a distance. The puristic concept is the ideal type for a modern, urban e-bike: lightweight, manoeuvrable and stylish.


One for all: Sahel 3

The e-bike with small wheels but big talent is a master of transformation: it is suitable for riders of all sizes and can fit into the tightest storage spaces. It also offers a great ride.