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With our products, we at Kalkhoff are setting standards time and again – especially in integrated e-bike design. We have been awarded the coveted Red Dot Award for product design twice in recent years: In 2016 for the Integrale LTD White and in 2018 for the Berleen 5.G Advance. Our test results also make us extremely proud time and again:


1st place: Entice 7.B Excite


Our Entice 7.B Excite has it with the FOCUS E-BIKE Design & Innovation Award 2020 made it onto the winners' podium. It shone in first place in the SUV/CROSS category. A real performer!Highlights: straight-line stability, versatility, frame, braking performance, and sitting position. 

In the test: 18 E-Bikes in the category SSUV/Cross 
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Feast Magazine // E-MTB Mag/ Downtown // E-SUVs // online

Best E-bike: Image 5.B Belt BLX

Best in the test from the Dutch Consumentenbond (consumer magazine): The Image 5.B Belt BLX. With a super test result of 8.2 it is also listed in the TOP 10 of the tested e-bikes.Highlights: straight-line stability, versatility, frame, braking performance, and sitting position. 

In the test: 390 electric bikes tested

Auch FahrradNews lobt das Image 5.B Belt BLX: “Das BeNeluX-Modell des Kalkhoff Image 5.B Belt BLX hat interessante Details zu bieten: Top ist die Kombination aus Bosch, Gates und Enviolo.”

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2nd place: Endeavour 5.B Move

The Endeavour 5.B Move takes second place in the Belgian Mobility Awards organisation "VAB". It is particularly praised for its pleasant handling and manoeuvrability. It is also very versatile - a real all-rounder.Highlights: straight-line stability, versatility, frame, braking performance, and sitting position. 

In the test: 28 e-bikes in test
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Consumentenbond (04/20) // 8,1 //  390 Elektrofahrräder geteste

Test winner: Endeavour 5.S XXL

Particularly resilient: The Endeavour 5.S XXL presents itself as a solid "load carrier" for swinging use in the city or on tour. The e-bike makes an elegant and slim impression with the beautifully integrated system of motor on the bottom bracket and battery in the down tube. The motor harmonises well with the derailleur and the suspension fork and ergonomic cockpit provide the right riding comfort.

Highlight: high payload possible, harmonious motor, easy to ride without motor

In the test: 10 E-Trekking/ E-SUV bikes
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Very good: Endeavour 7.B Belt

Beautifully enduring: The Endeavour 7.B Belt convinces with a mix of usability and driving performance - and has an attractive price. With a noble look, it looks classically beautiful and yet is absolutely in keeping with (design) times. It is a truly exceptional touring bike.

Highlight: Low-maintenance Gates belt, sporty agility, very good tyresHighlights: straight-line stability, versatility, frame, braking performance, and sitting position. 

In the test: 26 bikes (E-Trekking): 12 x very good, 4 x with price/performance recommendation and 2 x with purchase tip 8 x good
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Value for money winner: Agattu 3.B Move

Funke IMTest: The Agattu 3.B Move is the price-performance winner! A passable e-bike for the city or on holiday. The e-bike is braked on the rims of the front and rear wheel and has a particularly low entry. 

    Highlight: comfortable riding thanks to the pleasant construction

In the test:6 City/Trekking pedelecs: 1x 2.4/ 2x 2.5/ 1x 2.8/ 1x3.0/ 1x 3.4

In the comparative test conducted by ACE/ Magazin Lenkrad it says: "The Kalkhoff pedelec is a pragmatic bike and scores clearly with its lightness and agility".

2nd place: Entice 5.B XXL


Funke IMTest: The Entice 5.B XXL reaches the second place! The e-bike is a successful example of an off-road everyday pedelec. It makes a good impression thanks to its pleasing appearance and construction. Equipment and riding comfort are really great.
  Top: Pleasantly quiet and low-vibration centre motor ensures a good riding experience

In the test: 6 City/Trekking pedelecs: 1x 2.4/ 2x 2.5/ 1x 2.8/ 1x3.0/ 1x 3.4

Very good: Agattu 4.B Advance

Convinces on all fronts: the Agattu 4.B Advance fascinates with its extra wide brake levers and a frame that resembles a bodywork. Moreover, the cables and the Bosch Active Line Plus battery are completely integrated. The Comfort e-bike has an excellent straight-line stability but can also perform quick slalom maneuvers: a bike that makes every ride a joy! The Agattu is a true all-round city bike.

Highlights: straight-line stability, versatility, frame, braking performance, and sitting position. 

In the test: 16 bikes (E-City): 7 x very good, 2 x with price/performance recommendation and 1 x with purchase tip 4 x good
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Purchasing tip + very good: Image 5.B Excite

The Image 5.B Excite transpires to have an interesting personality. Thanks to a tidy, elegant visual appearance and thought-out details, it is the perfect e-bike for daily urban use. The flowing chassis makes it seem more like a vehicle than an e-bike. A feeling of comfort which nobody wants to miss out on: The ergonomic handlebars provide a perfect grip. When riding, the comfort bike can be happily manoeuvred through the bends. The first-class riding performance is brilliant.

Top: Riding and braking performance, elegant design 

In the test: 22 City/Urban: 15 x very good, 7x good
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Well done: Entice 5.B Excite

Agile tour speedster: The Entice 5.B Excite is convincing with skilful handling, nimbleness and strong propulsion. The studded tyres and suspension forks make it very pleasant to ride on woodland paths. Thanks to comfortable ERGON handles, riders have a secure grip even on slippery surfaces. It is praised first and foremost for the different frame types and sizes for riders of different statures. An all-rounder for towns and the suburbs.

Top: Ergonomic cockpit and high-torque Bosch propulsion. 

In test: 23 trekking bikes: 14 x very good, 9x good
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The Downtown magazine is convinced: "Thanks to its precise and agile character, the Kalkhoff radiates pure driving pleasure in the urban asphalt jungle".

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Well done: Endeavour 30

Enjoy the year’s first rays of sun with our price/performance winner, the Endeavour 30 . Our sporty endurance runner not only makes a good impression on flat asphalt. The Suntour steel suspension fork smooths out all terrain. Extra luggage poses no problem – the reliable Shimano-XT-30 gear shift and powerful disc brakes ensure safety.

Top: High quality Ergon handles, a chic robust bell and the integrated rear light make the overall package perfect.

In test: 17 trekking bikes: 7 x very good, 10 x good
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Very good: Endeavour 8 BLX

Carefree bicycle: Endeavour 8 BLX is impressive with a visual presence: Razor-sharp rigid fork, sporty frame and ergonomically perfect handlebars. A real eye-catcher thanks to its elegant, modern angular line management and design language. An urban design, firm trekking bike with excellent riding characteristics: On the one hand, a sprinting pacesetter with rapid tyres; on the other hand, relaxed gliding with pleasant comfort. Simply a casual endurance runner. 

Top: Modern design language and riding characteristics.

In test: 9 wheels: 2x 1.6/ 1x1.9/ 2x2.0/ 3x2.1/ 1x 2.3

aktiv Radfahren // Hochwertige Cityräder // 7-8/2020 //

Very good: Image 5.S Advance

The Image 5.S Advance receives the grade "Very good" from FOCUS magazine in the category "City-Bikes". The Image is a handy touring bike that also shines in the city thanks to its high level of comfort. The Shimano engine takes you safely and powerfully to your next destination. 

Highlights: Combination of comfortable spring support and flat saddle, handlebar shape is optimal, easy to use five-speed gears

In test: 26 trekking bikes: 1x 1,2/ 5x1,3/ 3x 1,4/ 5x 1,5/ 1x 1,6 /3x1,7/ 2x1,8/ 2x2,0/ 2x2,1/ 1x2,2/ 1x2,8

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Endeavour 7.B Pure

The youtuber TommysTechRewiews is delighted: "On the Kalkhoff Endeavour 7.B Pure you feel safe and stable, yet you're still comfortable and sporty on the move. For him the bike is an all-round talent with great components.

Highlights: The Bosch Kiox System, which has fitness features and can be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. 

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Very good: Berleen 5.G Edition

Pure mobility: The Kalkhoff Berleen 5.G Edition is an electrifying design statement with fascinating riding dynamics. It is inspiring thanks to a fully integrated 252-Watt battery. The Groove rear wheel motor ensures perfect propulsion. Thanks to freewheeling, the light Berleen can easily exceed the power assistance limit. Its riding performance is outstanding – thanks to the rigid fork which provides rear thrust and agility, the 25 km/h mark is quickly attained. The harmonious sitting position and the non-slip pedal also ensure dynamic riding pleasure.

Highlights: Design, integrated visual aspect and innovative details.

Very good: Endeavour 5.S Belt

Are you looking for a delicate touring bike with advanced technology? German bicycle magazine “ElektroRad” recommends the e-bike Endeavour 5.S Belt. The new 540 Wh Shimano E-6100 mid-motor layout is integrated in the downtube and ensures ideal weight distribution. In addition to gentle support, the bike provides a natural and harmonious riding performance. The motor and pedal force is transmitted by means of a Gates toothed belt – in contrast to a chain this is maintenance and oil-free! A feel-good factor is guaranteed: The comfortable saddle and the very pleasant handlebar position promote a relaxed sitting position.

Top: State-of-the-art technology combined with ergonomic sitting position.

Purchasing tip: Endeavour 5.N Excite

Are long sporty tours your thing? Then German bicycle magazine “ElektroRad” recommends the Endeavour 5.N Excite with Neodrives rear-wheel drive. Thanks to the low-maintenance components, it is ideally suited to long distances and regular riders. The pedal force of the motor, which is manufactured in Germany, acts directly on the rear wheel and thus ensures real thrust. At speeds beyond 25 km/h or when the engine is switched off, the otherwise noiseless Neodrives motor produces no pedalling resistance. Hilly routes are not a problem thanks to the air suspension fork, with a bonus pinch of agility – balanced riding performance is guaranteed!

Positive: very good, noiseless drive concept, high-quality components

Entice 27 is top of the class

The potent tour all-rounder is convincing due to its agility and fluent riding. Relaxed rides on asphalt and in light terrain are no problem thanks to the semi-slick profile. Due to the large air volume and the effectively working suspension forks, potholes are defused, and real riding comfort is thus ensured. The pleasant smoothness of the Entice 27 is apparent first and foremost when going downhill. The crossbike also masters bends in quick succession perfectly.

Selling point: The high-quality workmanship of the internal shift cables.

Endeavour Lite scores 1.7

"My Bike" is impressed! The Endeavour Lite has been improved yet again. The bike is comfortable due to its more streamlined fork and its saddle with much better cushioning. It steers accurately and is a smooth ride with handling that is also very convincing. The trekking bike offers a highly balanced ride with a pleasantly relaxed yet sporty sitting position. Score: 1.7! The Kalkhoff bike stood out ahead of six other brands when it came to comfort.

Impulse Evo RS offers promise

“My Bike” tested the Impulse Evo RS and rated it as GOOD. Particular praise was reserved for the thrust that increases in proportion to the power exerted on the pedals, no matter how fast the crank arm is turning. That means that the motor will provide comparatively little power to accompany a cyclist who is not pedalling hard. Great for making you work to stay fit! The energy-saving motor offers a maximum total range of 155 km.

E-bikes comparison test: Berleen 5.G Advanced outstanding

The perfect Kalkhoff starter e-bike for city riding. Its strengths lie in compact design and good support on slopes – at an outstanding price-performance ratio! The combination of a Groove Next-Motor, an in-house designed Kalkhoff display app and a derailleur system makes all situations an unforgettable experience! 

Elektrorad magazine raves about Kalkhoff Endeavour Excite i11

“The motor makes cycling fun as soon as you set off!” Especially in the RS version of Kalkhoff’s electric touring bike, the Endeavour Excite, the powerful propulsion system of the Impulse Evo motor and its adjustability continued to impress, in particular. Even during climbs and on the lowest setting, the Evo ES provides respectable thrust. The Sport support level copes well with steeper ascents. The fourth support level, Ultra, is only needed when riding up in the mountains with a lot of luggage.

Highlight: The gear shift intervals protect the drive train.






Berleen 5.G Advance

The Kalkhoff Berleen 5.G Advance is captivating thanks to its clear, striking styling which is excellently suited to urban life combined with high levels of functionality.



Integrale LTD White

The Kalkhoff Integrale LTD White not only impresses with its strikingly clear, elegant design, but also with technical innovations such as the extremely powerful drive.