Bosch e-bike motor

Bosch is one of the market leaders in e-bike drive systems, and Bosch motors are the motors of choice for dozens of international bicycle manufacturers. Combined with a powerful battery, the motor is the most vital component of e-bike riding comfort. Here, we explain which Bosch e-bike motors are available and the applications for which they are best suited.

What is a Bosch e-bike motor?

Bosch offers five types of motors for e-bikes, each designed for specific different terrains and modes of use. For optimal interaction between rider and e-bike, three sensors measure pedalling force, cadence, and speed over 1,000 times per second. With 250 or 350 watts of power and five drive modes, Bosch motors support speeds of up to 25 km/h for e-bikes and up to 45 km/h for S-pedelecs.

Bosch’s various motors are configured for different e-bikes, and their batteries to provide different riding modes, from harmonious cruising to powerful, sporty acceleration. To do this, the drive system needs to provide different amounts of power depending on the preferred route and road surface. Bosch even offers one motor specially designed for e-mountain bikes. Below, we present a comparison of the five Bosch e-bike motor drive solutions.

Active Line – City-trips and commuting 

Harmoniously metered acceleration with minimal pedalling resistance makes the Bosch family’s smallest and lightest drive (2.9 kg) a good choice for everyday use. Moderate assist – sufficient for anyone looking for a relaxed bicycle commute or ride in the city.

Active Line is available for both derailleur and hub gears. With a maximum torque of 40 Nm and a maximum assist of 250%, this is the perfect motor for city trips. The motor provides assistance up to 25 km/h.

Active Line Plus – Countryside with moderate elevation

Take it up a notch with the Active Line Plus: an extension of the Active Line, this Bosch e-bike motor gives you an increased range, perfect for light touring. A somewhat more powerful motor with 50 Nm of torque and 270% assist, it is a step up in agility but also in weight (3.2 kg). Available for both derailleur and hub gears, Active Line Plus provides assistance up to 25 km/h.

Cargo Line – For heavy loads

Heavy loads, even uphill: The Cargo Line is the Bosch e-bike motor for when you need to move cargo. Specially developed for cargo bikes, the new 2021 Cargo Line motors are more powerful than ever, with up to 85 Nm of torque to make starting uphill easy, even fully loaded. And you will see that accelerating with a heavy load is also smoother than ever. Even with all that torque, the Cargo Line can still cover long ranges with up to 400% assistance thanks to the new, high-efficiency motor. The Cargo Line Speed provides assistance up to 45 km/h.

Performance Line – Extended tours

Bosch describes the Performance Line as its most versatile drive system, just as suitable for casual tours and commuting as it is for sporty excursions into the countryside. Even hilly terrain is child’s play for this ultra-reliable drive system. 

Riders who are looking for something faster need look no further than the Performance Line Speed, which can drive S-pedelecs with up to 45 km/h of assist. The new 2021 motors accelerate with a maximum torque of 85 Nm. But despite all that power, Bosch has kept the weight low at 2.9 kg. Suitable for long distances and mountainous touring.

Performance Line CX – For the most demanding terrain

Bosch offers a drive specifically for e-mountain bikes: the Performance Line CX. The new 2021 model gives you 85 Nm of high performance on the trail. New features in the motor control and latest advancements in the eMTB mode are intended to deliver a powerful yet intuitive riding experience. 

The Smart System from Bosch: For maximum cycling pleasure

The innovative Bosch Smart System offers users of a Bosch e-bike motor a number of handy features: The eBike Flow app networks with batteries, displays, and drive units for a riding experience tailored to the cyclist. And that experience will only improve with the regular updates to the Smart System. Simply connect your smartphone to the e-bike via an LED remote and synchronise your riding data in your favourite health trackers and fitness apps.

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