Bosch e-bike display

Alongside the electric motor and battery, an e-bike’s computer is one of the most important components of an electric bicycle. An e-bike display presents you with all important information such as range, battery charge level, and speed. It also gives you the ability to control all the functions of your e-bike drive comfortably from the handlebar. As one of the world’s leading e-bike manufacturers, Bosch offers a wide selection of its own onboard computers. Learn more about these Bosch e-bike displays.

What Bosch e-bike displays are available?

Bosch offers the following range of e-bike displays:


  1. Purion

  2. Intuvia

  3. Kiox

  4. Kiox 300

  5. Nyon 2

  6. SmartphoneHub 

  7. COBI.Bike


All models offer five riding modes, including e-MTB mode. The Active and Performance Line displays also have an integrated walk assist. 

Features of the Bosch e-bike displays

1. The Bosch Purion

The smallest of the Bosch e-bike displays, and the only Bosch onboard computer to combine display and control unit. Due to its compact size, the Bosch Purion requires little space on the bicycle. Unlike most other Bosch onboard computers, the Purion is placed directly at the side of the handlebar grip, making it very convenient to use. This display is particularly well-suited for e-mountain bikers.

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2. The Bosch Intuvia

As the name suggests, the Bosch Intuvia is the most intuitive of Bosch’s displays and is somewhat larger and more comfortable to use than the Bosch Purion. This bicycle computer also offers the advantage that it can be easily converted to the COBI.Bike mount, so you can then use your smartphone as a display. This does require the COBI.Bike app.

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3. Nyon, Kiox and Kiox 300

The Bosch Nyon, Kiox and Kiox 300 e-bike displays have high-resolution screens and show more detailed riding data than either the Purion or the Intuvia. These displays, in combination with the Connect app, allow you to connect the onboard computers to your smartphone and transfer driving data. This opens the door to the online world and is potentially interesting for sporty cyckists in particular. A Bluetooth-connected heart rate monitor (not included) can help you optimise your training. The additional navigation function ensures that you won't lose your way in unknown territory. As perhaps its most advanced feature, you can can configure the screens and the way your driving data is displayed to align them according to your individual preferences. The Nyon and Kiox displays differ in that the Nyon is larger and also gives shift recommendations (to save battery power). The Bosch Kiox and Kiox 300 displays are smaller and offer the best splash protection of all Bosch bicycle computers. 

The Bosch Kiox 300 is the next generation of the Bosch Kiox and offers all the advantages of that model with an improved display that shows the remaining range for all driving modes, so that you as a rider can easily assess which mode is the best way to reach your destination. As part of the Bosch smart system, the Bosch Kiox 300 offers a connection to an LED remote, which allows the most important information to be transferred comfortably and safely. The walk assist mode is intuitively operated and activated via the Kiox 300 and the LED Remote, so tedious pushing up hills is a thing of the past. You can position the Kiox 300 at any desired position on the handlebars and also change the angle of inclination as required. This ensures that the Kiox 300 is easy to read and operate while riding.

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4. SmartphoneHub and COBI.Bike

The two Bosch systems SmartphoneHub and COBI.Bike are not actually displays, but units with which you can connect your e-bike to your smartphone in order to use your own phone as a display. The SmartphoneHub is also equipped with an integrated display.

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