Sure, thirty speeds is great, but how about an infinite number? The enviolo gear systems have stepless shifting, so you can find the ideal gear ratio for riding any e-bike on any terrain at any time. The rider determines how lightly or heavily they need to pedal by setting a rotary switch. The gears are adapted to the many different types of use of the various e-bikes.

What is enviolo?

enviolo shifter sets are known for their continuously variable gear shifting for e-bikes. The gear ratio between the pedals and the rear wheel can be changed smoothly – no predefined positions, just pure stepless adjustment. The cyclist can shift gears in neutral, pedalling or at a standstill.

enviolo has developed a number of shifter sets for different types of riding: City, Trekking, Sport, Cargo and Commercial. The automatic shifter controls the transmission according to the pedalling cadence. At the touch of a button, you can switch off the automatic shifter so that you can change gear yourself. The enviolo manual shifter can be shifted both when pedalling and when stationary. The shifting process is intuitive.

All enviolo shifting systems have a NuVinci Optimised shifter set and individually developed controllers for each type of use.




  • stepless shifting, which means finely adjustable transmission gradation
  • silent and smooth shifting
  • shifting possible when stationary
  • fully automatic shifting possible
  • large transmission ratio
  • no maintenance costs
  • wear-free
  • optical transmission display
  • higher price than conventional hub gears
  • higher weight
  • increased friction leads to minimal power loss

What enviolo shifter sets are available?

In total, enviolo offers five shifter sets for different consumer or e-bike types: one each for City, Trekking, Sport, Cargo and Commercial. The shifter sets differ in terms of their transmission ratio range, continuous torque and compatible drive systems, and, in some cases, include extra functions tailored to their intended use. Depending on how you want to use your e-bike, you will also find an enviolo system that suits you.

How does stepless shifting work?

With the enviolo manual shifter sets, riders can change the gear ratio between the pedal and the rear wheel continuously instead of in steps. Turning the gear knob adjusts the gear ratio smoothly. In the automatic sets, this system regulates the transmission. The rider sets how fast they want to pedal and ride at a constant speed, even on inclines. Additionally, the rider can shift at any time.

But how does this stepless shifting system work? The gearing is based on NuVinci technology. The Continuously Variable Planetary (CVP) shifter set uses rotating ball bearings, rather than gears, to transmit power. The axis of the balls is regulated to change the contact diameter. This is the innovation that makes stepless transmission possible.

The NuVinci hub offers a suitable gear ratio for virtually any type of ride. Unlike gear hubs that rattle or whirr, the NuVinci hub operates virtually silently.

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