Bosch Kiox display

Bosch has a wide selection of e-bike displays: in addition to the minimalist Purion, the intuitive Intuvia, and the innovative SmartphoneHub, cyclists can choose Bosch’s colour display for sporty e-bikers, the Bosch Kiox display.

What can the Bosch Kiox display do?

Just like the Bosch Purion and Intuvia e-bike onboard computers, the Bosch Kiox display supports all five Bosch riding modes, including walk assist. But it can do a lot more: the Bosch Kiox display offers a full range of functions and settings that will be particularly appealing to the sporty e-bike rider. 

Navigation with the Bosch Kiox

For excursions into unknown territory, you can rely on the Kiox control unit as a navigation device. You can also connect your smartphone to the Kiox via Bluetooth. The Kiox display records all data and even transmits it to the Bosch eBike Connect online portal if you give it consent to do so. Once you have set a specific route, you can start it from your smartphone and display it on the Bosch Kiox display. The Kiox onboard computer allows you not only to connect to the online portal but also to use the eBike Connect app and other online services or apps such as Komoot, where you can browse routes of other e-bikers. 

Synchronisation and individual settings

For your individual riding pleasure, you can adjust the Bosch Kiox display to your personal preferences with just a few clicks via the dashboard. The separate control unit makes it easy to operate the Kiox onboard computer while riding without ever taking your hands away from the handlebars. If you want to evaluate and compare your tours, the Kiox display sends all data to the eBike Connect app or online portal. Also, you can download any available updates to the Kiox display by connecting it to your smartphone. 

Pursuing your athletic goals

The Bosch Kiox display is your perfect fitness companion for your training tours because it will display the following data in real time:

  • calorie consumption
  • pedalling cadence
  • pulse rate (requires Bluetooth linking with a heart rate monitor)
  • speed
  • distance to destination

For additional motivation, the Bosch Kiox onboard computer compares your current performance level against your average performance level. With the data collected by the Kiox, you can then analyse your training, adjust your plan accordingly and share it with training partners. 

Compact and in colour

The compact and visually appealing colour display keeps the handlebars of your e-bike orderly and uncluttered. The Bosch Kiox has shatterproof glass to protect it from damage even on bumpy tours. For a perfect grip on the handlebar, it is also equipped with a strong magnetic handlebar mount: the display stays put when you ride but is easy to remove when you want to.

Safe on the road 

With the integrated LOCK function, Bosch has given the Kiox display a practical anti-theft device. As soon as you disconnect the display from the handlebar mount, all functions on your e-bike, including motor assist, are deactivated. Only you can interrupt this electrical lock by reattaching the original display. 

Kiox supports the Bosch eBike ABS system

The additional light and status display of the Bosch eBike ABS system on the Kiox display means that you can dispense with a separate ABS indicator light on the handlebar. This means your handlebars are as streamlined and organised as they can be.

Specially developed for Bosch Kiox: eSuspension

The new electronically controllable eSuspension can also be operated through the Kiox display. That means you can easily change the suspension using the control unit. 

How big is the Bosch Kiox?

The Bosch Kiox display’s 1.6” screen may not seem like a giant among onboard computers, but it is big enough to comfortably read all riding data from the transmissive colour display and crystal-clear even in strong sunlight. 

Can the Bosch Kiox display be retrofitted?

You can also upgrade your e-bike with the Bosch Kiox onboard computer. The sporty display is compatible with all Bosch product lines of model year 2014 or later. For the actual installation, we recommend you contact your specialist e-bike dealer. Your dealer can also provide you with a detailed instruction manual for the Kiox. This manual can also be conveniently downloaded from the Bosch website.