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Impulse e-Bike navigation

The app for all Impulse EVO-Models

The new Impulse evo smart compact LCD Display offers you all the functionality of a sophisticated, modern on-board computer – and plenty more besides! Together with your smartphone, it becomes your navigation system. The division of labour in this clever little system is clear: The smartphone provides the processing power. The Impulse Evo Navigations App, based on the tried-and-tested Naviki-Software, takes care of the routing. And the Impulse evo smart compact LCD Display shows you the way clearly using basic navigation signals. It connects to your smartphone via the integrated Bluetooth module – and thanks to the USB port that comes as standard, you can even charge your phone while you ride. So: You have your navigation in view at all times, while your smartphone is safely stowed away and charging at the same time. Where will you go next?



The Impulse Evo navigation app can be downloaded free of charge from the iPhone App Store  or the Google Play Store.





The Impulse Evo system is characterised by simple, intuitive operation – this also extends to use of the navigation software. The clear menu provides quick access to all central functions.



In addition to the classic "Start-Destination" navigation function, tours around your location, both in Germany and all other European countries, can be planned. This, of course, is always based on the current battery capacity.



The tracking function enables the actual route taken to be mapped, thus allowing you to create your own tour library.



You can save your routes, comment on them and call them up again as necessary. You can also grant other users access to your routes or upload routes published by Naviki users.



Customised settings such as average speed, weight and bike type serve to optimise route calculation.

Kalkhoff Display App

The app for all Berleen-Models

Picture this: you’re out and about on your e-bike, enjoying the journey, connected to your bike at all times and with everything important available at a glance. How? With the Kalkhoff Display app, your smartphone becomes an e-bike display, showing you – via a Bluetooth connection – your bike’s system data, battery status, and assistance level. And with the integrated navigation solution, Kalkhoff Display will lead you comfortably to your destination or, if necessary, guide you to the nearest Kalkhoff specialist.



The Kalkhoff Display App can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store



  • View speed, support bar, location, weather, support level, charge level;
  • optional view of trip data, range, cadence, height 



Google Maps is integrated and shows the way. After starting navigation, return to the Kalkhoff Display App and conveniently display the navigation instructions at the top of the window.



  • Display of hardware and software status, distance & time in individual support levels, distance & time when riding without Bluetooth connection to the bike, percentage charge status & number of full charge periods.



Set ride profile, reset trip data, select information (for view in dashboard), select language, name bike, service reminder



System diagnostics, dealer information, software update