the new light

Lightweight, yet suitable for everyday use and slim, yet versatile – and add to that a stylish, minimalist design. In typical Kalkhoff style, the new Light e-bikes boast a classic Nordic look. Clean lines and integrated cabling on the stem create a sleek design. In short, the new Kalkhoff Light models are “Designed like a Kalkhoff – but Lighter and Slimmer”.



For those looking for the perfect bike for trips around town.


For those who commute by bike and who are always looking for the shortest route to work.


For those who are always after the next adventure in the wild.


From a stylish design to well-thought-out components, our new Image Light strikes the perfect balance between daily use and minimal weight. The Bosch Performance Line SX Smart System offers a helping hand in every situation, while the clean belt drive heralds the future of cycling mobility. The bike is also practical, as it offers several attachment points for fitting accessories. This light city e-bike even comes with a Front Carrier Set, which includes a carrier, plastic basket and luggage net to make it perfect for daily use. Cycling through the city has never been easier!


The Endeavour Light is ushering in a new era in the e-trekking sector. Enjoy the best of both worlds thanks to its minimal weight and fittings for everyday use, topped off with a particularly sleek design. Driven by the compact Bosch Performance Line SX Smart System, a 400Wh battery powers you through the day. You can also add a Front Carrier and Range Extender as options to give you an extra 250Wh of battery power. This e-bike feels as light as a feather, and you’ll hardly notice it!


Say hello to the Entice Light: our new, light SUV pedelec. A fully integrated e-trekking bike that boasts the perfect combination of minimal weight and maximum suitability for daily use – including excellent off-road performance. That’s provided by the compact Bosch Performance Line SX Smart System, a 75mm air suspension fork, a Shimano Cues 9-speed derailleur gear system and extra-wide, studded tyres. In addition, several attachment points allow easy installation of accessories, whether that’s a front carrier or an additional battery. Enjoy only the best for an effortless adventure!