Shimano Steps 

Anyone who has ever dealt with any bicycles at all knows the name of Japanese manufacturer Shimano. The market leader in bicycle gear systems has, for several years now, also had e-bike drive systems in its product range: Shimano Steps.

What is Shimano Steps? 

Shimano Steps is a modern drive system for e-bikes. The word 'Steps' is actually an acronym, which stands for Shimano Total Electric Power System. Shimano promises its customers that riding with this drive system is very close to the riding experience with a normal bicycle, but with all the advantages of electric assistance. How? With Shimano’s innovative, intelligent pedal assistance with automatic gearshift that adapts to your speed.

What is Shimano Steps designed for?

The Shimano Steps system is suitable for various types of e-bikes. It relies on a lightweight mid-drive motor that is directly connected to the bottom bracket, so it ensures high efficiency and a pleasant riding experience along with optimal weight distribution. 

Construction of Shimano Steps

All Shimano Steps drive units consist of 4 main components: Drive unit, battery, display and gears.

Drive: assistance up to 25 km/h 

The mid-drive motor of the Shimano Steps system gives you three different levels of assistance.

Battery: For extended riding pleasure

The battery is fully charged after a charging session of 5 to 6 hours. For on-the-go use, shorter charging sessions of 2 to 2.5 hours are sufficient to charge the battery up to 80%.  

Shimano Steps Display: Control of the e-bike motors

The display shows you all the important driving data you may need to see, when you need to see it. Every rider can configure exactly what information they see for themself.

How good is the Shimano motor?

With the high quality that one expects from Shimano, these motors support the rider gently, for that natural cycling feeling. The Steps system is also known for its durability: on some models, for example, the manufacturer uses LINKGLIDE technology, which combines smooth shifting with robust mechanics.