Bosch Purion – the handy onboard computer

If you ride an electric bicycle, sooner or later you will realise that you can’t do without an onboard computer. Bosch has several in its catalogue, including the Bosch Intuvia, Bosch Kiox, and Bosch Purion. The Bosch Purion gives you a minimalist display that puts all the important data at your fingertips and is operated with a simple click of the thumb.

What can the Bosch Purion do?

The Purion Anthracite Performance e-bike onboard computer presents you with all the important riding data on the display and enables you to change your riding mode. Because it combines control unit and display, the Bosch Purion is the smallest of the Bosch e-bike onboard computers. 

The Bosch Purion gives you the following information:

  • speed
  • riding mode
  • range
  • charge level
  • trip distance (daily trip distance – can be reset)
  • bicycle’s total distance covered

How do I operate the Bosch Purion display?

All riding modes can be configured on the Bosch Purion display using three buttons. 

Riding mode:

The display always shows the current riding mode. To switch between riding modes, simply use the plus/minus buttons on the display.

Activate walk assist:

To activate the walk assist on the Bosch Purion, press the WALK button (located at the bottom of the front of the unit). The word 'WALK' appears in the display. Pressing the + button now activates the walk assist.


To turn on the light, press and hold the + button on the control unit for a few seconds.

What do I see on the Bosch Purion display?

The Bosch Purion display shows you the following data in three bars:

1st bar:

This bar shows you your current speed.

2nd bar:

This bar shows you the following information:

'Trip' – kilometres travelled on current day

'Total' – total kilometres travelled

'Range' – current battery range (calculated based on current assist level)

If you hold down the - button a little longer, the display on the Bosch Purion scrolls automatically. If you change the driving mode, this is also be displayed in the 2nd bar. 

3rd bar 

The third bar shows you your battery’s charge level: a full charge will be five blocks.

The riding modes of the Bosch Purion

The Bosch Purion provides you with 5 different riding modes: 






no assist

all display functions accessible

riding economically

low assistance for maximum range

consistent assistance 

for long range

power assistance

for fast riding

maximum power assistance

for performance riding

Important features of the Bosch Purion

Unlike most Bosch onboard computers, the Bosch Purion is not mounted at the centre of the handlebars but with a clamp directly on the handlebar, off to one side next to the grip.

The onboard computer can be used to turn on the bicycle’s light. If you interrupt your ride, the light will automatically switch back on when you start riding again. 

The reset function will turn your daily kilometre count back to zero. This is easily done by holding down + and - at the same time until 'Reset' appears on the display; when it does, press + to confirm. The Bosch Purion can also remind you about your next service appointment in an optional interval display. 

Your dealer can use the micro-USB jack to read out the data your bicycle has recorded, check your bicycle’s condition, and diagnose what service your bicycle needs. 

Bosch Purion – FAQs