Bosch Intuvia: at a glance

A first-class e-bike needs more than a powerful motor and a strong battery. A rider who really wants to be in control of their bicycle also needs a control centre, one that puts all the information and all the control at their fingertips. Only a few manufacturers consistently come up with truly innovative devices. Bosch is one of them, and the Intuvia is such a device.  

What exactly is the Bosch Intuvia?

The Bosch Intuvia is, in essence, your bicycle’s onboard computer, a combination of control unit and display. It ensures you can operate all the features of your e-bike easily, even while riding. The display gives you all the information you need at a glance, with just a flick of your thumb.

What can the Bosch Intuvia do?

Alongside its other networking options for the e-bike like Kiox and Purion, Bosch now brings you Intuvia. It puts the control of all your e-bike’s features and all the information you need right at your fingertips. The display is designed to ensure good readability even in difficult lighting conditions. It gives you more than just the important things you need to know like your speed; it also, for example, gives you shifting recommendations, so you always know the right gear for the road. 

As the name suggests, you will find yourself intuitively pedalling at the most comfortable pace for every situation, thanks to the onboard computer. And the controls are similarly intuitive and help keep your hands where they belong – on the handlebars. Of course, you can also read the device when you take it off the e-bike. Other functions include:

  • USB charging for your smartphone while on the road (some models)
  • an optional interval display reminds you of your next service appointment at your authorised dealer
  • when you have been riding with the lights on, the Intuvia automatically switches the lights on when you restart 
  • splash-proof housing

Unfortunately, the Bosch Intuvia does not yet support a smartphone app. 

The riding modes of the Bosch Intuvia

With the Bosch Intuvia, you can choose between five different riding modes. 






no assistance

all display functions accessible

riding economically

low assistance for maximum range

consistent assistance 

for long range

power assistance

for fast riding

maximum power assistance

for performance riding

How does the Bosch walk assist work?

The walk assist feature on the Bosch Intuvia makes walking your e-bike a comfortable stroll, even uphill or with heavy luggage. 

Depending on the shift engaged, the Bosch walk assist supports you with motor assistance at a speed of up to 6 km/h. To activate it, simply press the WALK button on your onboard computer once. Now, pushing the + button and holding it down will engage the motor, and your e-bike will start rolling. The walk assist mode will be disengaged in three situations:

  • you release the + button
  • the wheels of the e-bike lock
  • you exceed a speed of 6 km/h

When you have selected the OFF riding mode, you cannot activate the walk assist. 

What kind of USB port does the Bosch Intuvia have?

The onboard computer offers a micro-USB jack on the upper right side of the unit, protected behind the rubber cover. Its output is limited to 0.5 amps. If your smartphone supports charging with 0.5 amps, you can use this jack to charge your phone while you ride. 

Bosch Intuvia – FAQs