Bosch e-bike battery

A Bosch e-bike battery is the powerhouse behind a reliable drive system for your electric bicycle. Bosch is one of Germany’s leading electronics and electrical appliance manufacturers and manufactures some of the most advanced lithium-ion batteries for e-bikes available today.

Does Bosch offer different e-bike batteries for different e-bikes?

Bosch has a battery that is right for any type of e-bike. An e-bike may require a battery with a specific capacity for a particular type of use. Whatever kind of riding you intend to use your e-bike for, Bosch has a battery that will meet your needs. 

Bosch e-bike battery

1. PowerPacks: Frame and pannier rack-mounted batteries

The frame-mounted PowerPack places the battery near the centre of gravity of the e-bike, which makes for a comfortable riding experience. PowerPacks are compatible with the Bosch e-bike motors of both the Performance Line and Active Line.

The Bosch PowerPacks can be mounted either on the frame or the pannier rack and are available in three different capacities:

Bosch PowerPack capacities

PowerPack 300

PowerPack 400

PowerPack 500

  • 300 Wh
  • 8,2 Ah 

  • 400 Wh
  • 11 Ah

  • 500 Wh
  • 13,4 Ah

2. PowerTube: integrated Bosch e-bike battery

Die PowerTubes von Bosch sind entweder horizontal oder vertikal im Rahmen des E-Bikes verbaut und kommen ebenfalls in drei Stärken vor. Je nachdem, ob du kürzere City-Touren oder längere Strecken mit deinem E-Bike bewältigen willst, wählst du den Akku mit der passenden Kapazität:

Bosch PowerTube Kapazitäten

PowerTube 400

PowerTube 500

PowerTube 625

PowerTube 750

  • 400 Wh
  • 11 Ah
  • 500 Wh
  • 13.4 Ah
  • 625 Wh
  • 16.7 Ah
  • 750 Wh
  • 16.7 Ah

 How long does a Bosch e-bike battery last?

The answer to this question will be different for every e-bike user and depends very much on how the battery is used, stored, and recharged over the long term. The manufacturer does state that Bosch’s intelligent battery management system works to ensure that the battery’s lifetime is as long as possible. A lithium-ion battery can go through between 500 and 1000 charging sessions, and Bosch batteries usually exhibit performance at the upper end of this range.

In one test by ADAC, Europe’s largest motoring association, a Bosch e-bike battery was able to be fully charged 1,515 times, which would be sufficient for the e-bike to cover 57,000 kilometres.

What are the best ways to prolong the service life of an e-bike battery?

Anything you can to to protect and pamper your Bosch e-bike battery will extend its service life. This includes things like:


  • transporting the battery correctly at all times

  • removing the battery and storing it separately whenever you transport your e-bike

  • correct storage: store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight, in a temperature range between 10 and 20 °C

  • maintaining your battery’s charge level in the ideal range of 30 to 60% 

  • avoiding overloading

  • always charging the battery at room temperature

  • always charging the battery with an original Bosch charger

How long does it take to charge a Bosch e-bike battery?

Depending on capacity, the Bosch e-bike battery charging times vary, from 3.5 to 4.9 hours. 

PowerTube 400

PowerTube 500

PowerTube 625

3,5 hours

4,5 hours

4,9 hours

How far can a Bosch e-bike battery take me?

Depending on your riding habits and your motor’s power, a fully charged Bosch e-bike battery can take you up to 100 kilometres or more. A number of different factors will affect your e-bike’s range:


  • riding habits

  • wind resistance/headwinds

  • rider’s weight

  • assist level

  • tyre pressure

  • nature of the terrain (cycle path or forest track, mountain or flat, etc.)

When my battery is low, what can I do to maximise the range? 

Before you get in this situation, ensure that your bicycle gets regular maintenance: flat tyres need more energy to keep them moving; if you are relying on your motor with flat tyres, you will use up your battery’s power fast. The battery and motor of the e-bike should also be coordinated for each other and be right for the e-bike. In addition to your individual riding habits, the total weight will also play a role. Protect the battery from very high and very low temperatures, always follow the manufacturer's instructions and use the original charger. If you are not going to use the battery for an extended time period, remove it from the bicycle and store it in a dry place.

What does an e-bike battery from Bosch cost?

The price for a new Bosch e-bike battery depends on the model and capacity. The PowerTube is available in 400, 500, 625 and 750 Wh versions, and these can generally be purchased for between €600 and €800. For the PowerPacks, Bosch’s recommended prices are generally between €320 and €570. For this price, you get a high-quality Bosch e-bike battery that features the intelligent battery management system, which is designed to maximise your battery’s service life. While the service life of an e-bike battery can be generally assumed to be between 500 and 1,000 charging sessions, in one ADAC test a Bosch e-bike battery could be fully charged 1,515 times, enough to cover a distance of 57,000 kilometres.

Can a Bosch e-bike battery be repaired?

Although you may sometimes see services for refurbishment or repair of batteries like the Bosch e-bike batteries being offered on the internet, the manufacturer advises against doing this. The reasons that this is not advised have to do with product safety. If you find that your battery is no longer working, visit your dealer, who can check whether this is due to a fault in the electronics or whether the battery is actually defective.    

Can I upgrade or downgrade to a different Bosch e-bike battery?

In general, there is no objection to installing a more powerful battery into an e-bike with Bosch drive. It is important to ensure that the battery you choose is compatible with the drive system. Many Bosch e-bike batteries are backwards-compatible and can be replaced by a battery of lower capacity.  If you are considering doing this, ask your dealer for advice.