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Winner on value for money: "Great bike, great value"


Trekkingbike magazine tested the Kalkhoff Image XXL 30-speed in its 06/2014 issue. This is a bike built for very tall riders and a total weight of up to 170 kg. The trekking bike impressed the testers on two fronts: it was rated "very good" for its ride characteristics, and described as a "top tip" offering good value for money.

The Trekkingbike testers loved the following in particular:

  •  modern, sturdy frame
  • very high level of comfort
  •  sensitive and powerful hydraulic brake


Verdict: "The riding position and type of use are spot on: this speedy bike is good for everyday use and Sunday spins to the local beauty spot!"


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Eight bikes were tested: 2x "great", 5x "very good" and 1x "good".  The complete report can be found in the 06/2014 issue of Trekkingbike.

Trekkingbike 06/2014

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