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Very controlled handling


The magazine e-bike tested a range of 2015 e-bike models. The Kalkhoff Sahel Impulse 8R stood out in particular thanks to its controlled handling. The bike was rated "good" in the "Low step-through" category.

  • The testers singled out the following for particular praise:
  • The precision-adjustable brake, even at high speeds
  • The balanced ride characteristics
  • The attractive details

Verdict: "The Kalkhoff offers a balanced ride, and maintains its smoothness even on fast, snaking bends."

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E-Bike tested 9 bikes: 1x1,5/2x1,8/1x2,0/1x2,1/1x2,2/1x2,5/1x2,8/1x3,1. The complete report can be found in the 1-2015 edition of e-bike magazine. 



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