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Uncomplicated, untiring in the city


The German testing institute ExtraEnergy put 16 different E-bikes through their paces in a comprehensive range of tests in summer. The Kalkhoff Sahel Compact Impulse 8R scored an outstanding 8 out of 10 points in the “Folding/Compact Pedelec” category and was thus rated as “very good”.

The testers were particularly impressed by:

  • the agility
  • the long range
  • the versatility of the adaptation options
  • the comfort thanks to the balloon tyres

Verdict: “(…) the result is an agile and nippy mini E-bike with a considerable range and versatile adaptation options.”

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The complete report can be found in the 02/2014 issue of ElektroBike.

Four models in the Folding/Compact Pedelec category were tested (Points: 1x10/1x9/1x8/1x7)

ElektroBIKE 2/2014

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