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Unbeatable with or without motor


The Kalkhoff Agattu Premium Impulse 8 not only offers smooth running and controlled power input - it also ensures you're quickly up to speed. This was the verdict of "ExtraEnergy". The magazine also reported that the pannier rack, which can be used for securing a travel bag, makes the Agattu Premium Impulse ideal for everyday and for touring. The shift-sensor makes for gentler gear shifting, which reduces wear to the components and extends their life.

The testers made special mention of the following features:


  • The long range
  • The starting assistance and pushing assistance
  • The remaining range indicator
  • The keyed alike battery and frame lock with the tried and tested one-key system

Verdict: A classic men's bike with clean lines and good touring components, which is also a pleasure to ride without the motor.

21 bikes were tested with the results: 11x "very good", 7x "good", and 3x "satisfactory". The full test report can be found in the 3/2015 issue of ExtraEnergy.

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ExtraEnergy 3/2015

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