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Test winner for Stiftung Warentest


In the June edition of its Test magazine, Stiftung Warentest looked at ten brands of trekking bikes, focusing particularly on the comparison between men’s and women’s models. At the end, the Kalkhoff Endeavour 27 came out on top for both the women’s and men’s models, achieving optimum scores in the most important test aspects of ride quality (40%) and safety and durability (30%): “Rides the best. ...best score for the ride quality test aspect. No weaknesses in the safety and durability tests” confirm the Stiftung Warentest experts for the trapeze-frame version. “One of the winners. Very stable to ride with and without luggage. Strong and durable. Super braking” is the comment on the men’s bike.

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Test environment for the Stiftung Warentest test of men’s bikes: 2x 2.0 (good), 3x 2.2 (good), 1x 2.7 (satisfactory), 1x 4.0 (adequate), 1x 4.5 (adequate), 1x 4.8 (poor), 1x5 (poor)Test environment for the Stiftung Warentest test of women’s bikes: 1x 2.0 (good), 4x 2.1 (good), 2x 2.3 (good), 1x 3.7 (adequate), 1x 4.3 (adequate), 1x 4.5 (adequate) 

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