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Test winner at "De Telegraaf"


“De Telegraaf”, the popular Dutch daily newspaper, put 12 e-bikes in the “from €2,500” category through their paces in an extensive test scenario. The Kalkhoff Select S8 impressed the testers over with the following points:

  • Fantastic range
  • Particularly comfortable ride characteristics
  • Harmonious drive support
  • Clear and easy-to-read display
  • Low weight for an e-bike

Conclusion: A clear victory in the large-scale “De Telegraaf Fietstest 2017”.

Daily newspaper: “De Telegraaf” // rating: 7.9

All the test scores: 2 x 7.9, 3 x 7.8, 2 x 7.5, 1 x 7.4, 1 x 7.3, 2 x 7.2, 1 x 6.4


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