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Retro design with a long battery range


The magazine ElektroBike tested the new 2015 e-bike models. The Kalkhoff Tasman Classic Impulse 8R stood out thanks to its particularly long range and retro design. The bike was rated "very good" in the "City and Lifestyle" category.

The testers singled out the following for particular praise:


  • The shock-absorbing wide tyres
  • The stylish design
  • The long range at the highest assist level

Verdict: "You'll have to work really hard to run down the Tasman battery.

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ElektroBike tested one bike with the result "outstanding" and five with "very good". The complete report can be found in the 1-2015 edition of ElektroBIKE magazine.



ElektroBIKE 1-2015

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