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Our top value pick with XT rear derailleur


aktiv Radfahren magazine carried out a special deore rim test on trekking rims with deore components. Not only did the Kalkhoff Endeavour 30 gain an overall rating of "very good", it also claimed the award for "top value pick". Those carrying out the test were particularly impressed by:


  • the deore components, which are mostly concealed
  • the very impressive feel of the bike
  • the excellent braking properties
  • the comfortable yet sporty seating position

In summary: "The Kalkhoff Endeavour is our top value pick when it comes to deore components: You can't get much more for a grand - even the additional fixtures are top-quality, particularly the 180 degree front disc brake."

Magazine: aktiv Radfahren May 2017 // Rating awarded: very good, top value pick

Test environment: 4x very good, 2x good

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