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“One of the best touring bikes of 2017”


The Kalkhoff Select XXL i8 was put through its paces by ElektroRad along with 12 other touring bikes, resulting in the following assessment:

  • Fantastic features
  • Superior directional stability and agility at the same time
  • Harmonious coordination between the motor and gearshift


Conclusion: “The Kalkhoff Select XXL is one of the best touring bikes of 2017. It is a powerful range, even for XXL riders. It’s definitely a Best Buy!”


Magazine: ElektroRad 2-2017 // rating: Recommendation + Very Good

All the test scores: 13 touring bikes: 1 x Great Value, 2 x Best Buy, 1 x Recommendation, 7 x Very Good, 6 x Good


You can test the Kalkhoff Select XXL i8 at a dealer near you.

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