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Endeavour Impulse S11

Light, great value, test winner


The testers at the independent ExtraEnergy institute put the Endeavour Impulse S 11 through its paces during its annual spring test.

In total, 50 E-bikes were tested in a variety of categories. In the category Free Time/Sport Road Pedelec, it was ranked as the test winner with a total of 10 out of 10 points. 

The testers were particularly impressed by:


  • the good value for money offered
  • the low weight for an S-Pedelec 45 km/h
  • the powerful drive

Testers' verdict: “With its sporty restrained comfort, the Endeavour is especially at home on firm surfaces.”

The complete report can be found in the 1/2014 issue of ElektroBIKE.

Feel the wind and speeds of 45 km/h yourself:

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Three models in the Free Time/Sport Road Pedelec category were tested (Points: 1x10, 2x9).

ElektroBike 01/2014

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