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The Kalkhoff Include Premium earned two "Very Good" verdicts in the ExtraEnergy test – as an Easy Pedelec and as a City Comfort Pedelec. It was also the only Pedelec to break through the 100 km range barrier. ExtraEnergy also gave special mention to the gentle engine activation and large battery, "which challenges the rider in the hills so that a little spirited peddling is also required." Extra points were also awarded for the:

  • Shift sensor, which shifts smoothly even under load
  • Excellent ride characteristics
  • Stability of the frame
  • Successful integration of the frame lock and battery and
  • Easy handling of the display. 

Verdict: "A high-endurance all-rounder with a well-balanced drive system and well-matched components. The Include Premium earned itself two "Very Good" verdicts – as an Easy Pedelec and as a City Comfort Pedelec."

A total of 19 Pedelecs were tested in the "Easy Pedelec" category and received the following test verdicts: 1x Test Winner, 8x Very Good, 7x Good. You can read the complete test report in the 1/2016 issue of ExtraEnergy. You can also try the Kalkhoff Include Premium out yourself at a dealer near you.

ExtraEnergy 1/2016

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