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Agattu Impulse 8R HS

Impressive range, maximum comfort


The testers at the independent ExtraEnergy institute put the Agattu Impulse 8R HS through its paces during its annual spring test.

The, in total, 50 E-bikes were divided into various segments. In the category Comfort/City Comfort Pedelec, it was rated as “very good” and awarded an outstanding 9 points.

The testers were particularly impressed by:

  • The long-lasting battery range
  • The very comfortable coasting and shifting
  • The superior power assist

Testers' verdict: “Cycling doesn't get much more comfortable than this.”

The complete report can be found in the 1/2014 issue of ElektroBIKE.

Want to find out more? See for yourself just how comfortable cycling can be:

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Six models in the Comfort/City Comfort Pedelec category were tested (Points: 2x10, 1x9, 2x8, 1x6). 

ElektroBike 01/2014

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