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Kalkhoff Endeavour Rohloff

Excellent value for money


At the start of the year, the 1-2/2015 edition of "aktiv Radfahren" magazine tested the Kalkhoff Endeavour which is equipped with a 14-speed Rohloff gearset. It scored an excellent "Very good" in the test. 

Testers' verdict: "A very good all-rounder with excellent value for money!"

Try it out yourself, at a dealer near you!

25 bikes were tested: 4x "outstanding", 17x "very good" and 4x "good". The complete report can be found in the 1-1/2015 issue of "aktiv Radfahren".

aktiv Radfahren 1-2/2015
aktiv Radfahren 1-2/2015

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