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Commuter bike with low-wear drive


The magazine ElektroBike tested the new 2015 e-bike models. One feature the testers loved about the Kalkhoff Endeavour Impulse S11 Premium was its range, which is very long for a fast S-Pedelec. The bike was rated "very good" in the "S-Pedelec" category. 


  • The testers singled out the following for particular praise:
  • The high-quality components
  • The excellent interplay between drive and gearshift
  • The very long range

Verdict: "Fitting a low-wear belt drive on a commuter bike that requires a great deal of maintenance per order has worked really well".

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ElektroBike tested one bike with the result "outstanding" and six with "very good". The complete report can be found in the 1-2015 edition of ElektroBIKE magazine.

ElektroBIKE 1-2015

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