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In its first issue of 2015, ElektroRad magazine tested 59 e-bikes, including the Kalkhoff Agattu Premium Impulse in the "Citybike" category. The testers were particularly impressed by its long range, which makes the city runabout also suitable for touring. "The Agattu's Impulse motor is smooth and quiet," judged the testers. They also said that the low step through and the NuVinvi "Harmony" automatic shift system are key features of the Agattu Premium Impulse that ensure a high degree of comfort. They were also impressed by the safety features: The hydraulic rim brake significantly improves braking performance. 

The testers singled out the following for particular praise:

  • The high degree of comfort
  • The capacity for touring
  • The enhanced braking performance

Verdict: "The Agattu Premium Impulse is suitable for relaxed city rides, but also for touring. Components and technology are very well matched."

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15 citybikes were tested with the results: 7x "very good", 5 "good" and 3x "satisfactory". The complete report can be found in the 01/2015 issue of ElektroRad.

Elektrorad 1/2015
Elektrorad 1/2015

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