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A low-maintenance S-Pedelec designed with commuting in mind


FOCUS magazine tested the Kalkhoff Integrale S11 alongside five other S-Pedelecs as part of its 2017 E-bike test. Those carrying out the test were keen to highlight the following features in particular: 

  • the neat visual design and high-quality frame
  • the relaxed seating position conducive to sport
  • the frame rigidity when cycling with baggage
  • the first-rate braking power of the disc brakes

In summary: "The Integrale is a pleasingly uncluttered, low-maintenance S-Pedelec designed with commuting and tour cycling in mind ..."

Magazine: FOCUS E-bike test 2017 // Rating awarded 1.7, "good"

Test environment: 3x very good, 3x good

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