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Very good result for Kalkhoff Integrale S11


The specialist magazine ElektroRad is impressed by the way technology has been integrated with the overall design, and by the high-quality components fitted to Kalkhoff's Integrale S11 e-bike: the battery is located in the down tube and is easy to remove, the centre motor is likewise well positioned and the cables are concealed inside the stem. It also scores points for its: 

  • Powerful motor
  • Outstanding directional stability  
  • Excellent agility
  • Navigation system and
  • Zero-maintenance belt drive. 

Verdict: "The Cloppenburg-based manufacturer is opening up a whole new chapter in the history of electric bikes: integration coupled with innovation, the Integrale won us over as a comfortable touring bike."

6 bikes were tested: 1x "outstanding", 3x "very good" and 2x "good". The detailed test report can be found in the 1/2016 issue of the specialist magazine ElektroRad. Try out the Kalkhoff Integrale yourself at a dealer near you.

ElektroRad 1/2 2016

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