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Kalkhoff bikes can only be purchased from a specialist dealer. This is down to one simple reason: only a specialist dealer can provide you with detailed advice, recommend the best bike for you, and then carry out the service work later. With their ongoing training from Kalkhoff, your specialist dealer will be able to help you with any questions you may have in relation to bikes or e-bikes, as well as with any servicing or warranty issues.


The total permitted weight of an S-pedelec is 120 kg. If the User Manual should state otherwise, we apologise for this. The total permitted weight is composed of: weight of the pedelec + weight of the rider + weight of luggage.

Who should I contact in the case of complaints or technical problems?

Warranty claims are handled by the specialist Kalkhoff dealer. If material or processing faults develop on your Kalkhoff bike within the warranty period, please contact your specialist Kalkhoff dealer. The dealer will process the complaint and take care of the necessary repairs and replacements. 

Is there an extended warranty?

Our tried and tested quality products are "Made in Germany". In addition to the 10-year warranty on all e-bike and S-Pedelec frames, we are offering to extend the 2-year warranty by a further 12 months for all Impulse motors and BMZ power packs manufactured from 2017 onwards and purchased on or after 1 August 2017. 

What battery range do I have?

The battery range depends on the handling of the bike and the mode in which it is ridden. The more intensive the assistance, the lower the range displayed. The range is recalculated on an ongoing basis, meaning that fluctuations may occur here. This is not a battery fault. 

The range also decreases over a battery's service life. 

Where can I find my nearest dealer?

User manuals

If you need a user manual, you can download it here.

Where can I find Kalkhoff catalogues?

If you are interested in our catalogues, you can find them here

I have a question about Kalkhoff or the company.

If you still have questions about the Kalkhoff brand itself or about our parent company Derby Cycle, you can contact us here.

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