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Our toughest critics are our own quality controllers.

Heinrich Kalkhoff was the co-author of the first DIN standard for bicycles, DIN 79100. Our first test centre was built back in 1970. Today, it features 30 test machines in a test facility of more than 400 m². 

Kalkhoff has one of the most advanced and largest test centres in Europe. Three engineers oversee this linchpin of production. They test frames as well as forks, seatposts, handlebars, stems, pannier racks, wheels, brakes, tyre-rim combinations, pedals, pedal cranks, grips and more, amounting to more than 1,000 parts a year. Our references are the DIN standard PLUS and the even tougher in-house load testing standards.

Each Kalkhoff bicycle is individually assembled. The individual departments conduct quality controls throughout the production process. At the end of assembly, each Pedelec undergoes a 100% performance check in the test centre and.

Frame finishing


The exact dimensions of all frames are checked here, and corrected if necessary.

Priming and painting

Grundierung und Lackierung

Up to 6 coats of paint are applied. Even heavy hammer blows cannot harm the paintwork. Hard-to-reach spots are touched up by hand afterwards.

Wheel manufacturing


All spokes are mounted by hand and subsequently checked by computer scan.


After the décors are applied, they are given another coat of clear lacquer to ensure the colours do not fade.

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