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From idea to development

From idea to development and then to production on-site: These are the stages a Kalkhoff bicycle "Made in Germany" goes through.

"What kind of bicycle are we building; what trend are we channelling; which customer group are we targeting?" Other questions include: "What can we do better, what is the state-of-the-art of technology and what is quite simply fun?" In the Derby Cycle innovation centre, the Kalkhoff product developers, designers and engineers ask themselves lots of questions like these. Ultimately, they want to develop the best possible model. It always starts with a vision.

In the innovation centre the bicycle models are first drawn on the computer. Planning on the computer produces a technical drawing from which the first bicycle prototype is built. In our highly modern test centre, the prototype is exhaustively tested and further improved. We continue testing until we pass our own tough in-house test standards, which exceed the DIN standard PLUS.

While anyone can have an idea, not many can develop to consistently high standards of quality, and even fewer manage to produce here in Germany nowadays - but we do!

Our production figures

Almost 500,000 bikes & E-Bikes are produced each year.

At present, more than 700 employees produce 2,800 bikes per day on 10 assembly lines in two-shift operation, five days a week.

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