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Experience is invaluable: the know-how gained from more than 300,000 Impulse 1 and Impulse 2.0 drive systems has been incorporated into the development of the Impulse Evo platform. Numerous improvements are testimony to our commitment to remaining one decisive idea ahead.


Impulse Evo
– quiet yet powerful. Ideally integrated.

A whole series of improvements are testimony to our commitment to remaining one decisive idea ahead.

  • Enhanced performance thanks to a more efficient e-motor
  • Stronger gear unit, designed for a maximum torque of 80 Nm
  • Background noise reduced by 20%
  • Additional pedalling cadence sensor integrated in the motor for even more sensitive control of the power assist function
  • Innovative multi-tooth axis for safe crank assembly
  • The lighting system is supplied via the motor
  • Quicker data transmission thanks to CAN Bus communication system
  • Impulse Evo Speed version for assistance up to 45 km/h


Impulse Evo RS
– the sporty choice

Based on the Impulse Evo, the RS version boasts a more powerful Evo drive. Even hardened e-bikers will be surprised at how the Impulse Evo RS accelerates in Ultra mode. But that's not all, the housing has also been optimised for sporty use including the shortening of the wheelbase.
Only the Impulse Evo RS Speed motor, which assists speeds of up to 45 km/h, has greater power reserves.

Batteries EVO / EVO RS

Impulse Evo batteries
– the right energy store for all applications

Whether fully integrated in the down tube or elegantly placed behind the seat tube, both Impulse Evo battery versions use the same technology. With 50 high-performance cells and a capacity of 17 Ah, under ideal conditions* power reserves for a range of up to 205 km are provided.
This new battery generation also boasts durability, simple handling and rapid recharging.
What's more, thanks to the dual functionality of the charging socket, which also serves as a service interface, system software updates are simplified.

*at the lowest assistance level, under optimal conditions, with a fully charged battery in perfect condition and with the highest possible capacity

Battery Impulse Evo Next

The 50-cell battery with its ample capacity of 17.5 Ah is designed for a long range, and provides the necessary energy reserveseven for extended trips.

On-board computer

Impulse Evo LCD Smart
– the intelligent networking solution

The new Impulse Evo Smart Display makes use of intelligent smart phone technology and not only functions as an e-bike on-board computer, but also as a navigation system thanks to the Bluetooth module. The smart phone can be charged with the standard USB socket.

In addition to displaying directional arrows, street names and distances, the following functions are also permanently available:

  • Time
  • Assist level
  • Battery charge state
  • Speed
  • Remaining range
  • Assist bar / pedalling cadence

Other displays can be selected:

  • Average tour speed
  • Tour km / tour time
  • Total kilometres 

Compact and communicative: the stylish new Impulse Evo Smart compact display with Bluetooth module and USB chargingsocket allows for connection to a smartphone, for use of the Impulse Evo app for easy navigation.

Control panel

Impulse Evo Control Unit
– e-bike handling made easy

The ergonomically designed control panel offers you full control of the Impulse Evo electric drive.
The optimised design and elegant back lighting guarantee safe operation of the functions and displays without having to take your hands off the handlebars.


Impulse Evo navigation app
– arrive at your destination feeling relaxed

With the Impulse Evo navigation app based on the tried-and-tested Naviki software, the Impulse Evo LCD Smart can be transformed into a navigation system.
The tasks are clearly allocated: the smart phone supplies the processing power, the navigation app does the routing and the Evo display is responsible for giving clear and simple navigation directions.
This means the fragile smart phone remains well protected in your pocket and the batteries are also spared since the e-bike display is used.
The Naviki software, which is as intelligent as it is easy to use, provides maps of Germany and Europe as well as a comprehensive range of functions:

  • "Start-Destination" route calculation based on the current battery capacity
  • Route calculation "Plan a route around my location"
  • Saving of own routes and use of Naviki routes
  • Integration of interesting waypoints (hotels, restaurants, specialist dealers)
  • Automatic mapping of the actual route taken
  • Synchronisation of all routes with the Naviki user account
  • Comprehensive editing and display options

Test the new Impulse EVO here!