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Impulse 2.0

E-Bike technology for any purpose - bike technology from a single source

A unique E-Bike system where all the frame, drive and chassis components were developed, coordinated and manufactured together to create the perfect package. Entirely in Germany and as if made from one piece.

For the 2015 season, Kalkhoff will produce an unprecedented level of comfort through the combination of the Impulse 2.0 drive and the Gates carbon belt, which gives optimal power transmission with hub gears.

The enhanced high-tech toothed belt has been specially adapted to suit the requirements of Kalkhoff, while the  motor system is equipped with shift-sensor technology for smooth shifting even under load. Together they achieve optimal performance and a completely new quality of ride. In addition to a considerably softer and more direct feel while you pedal, the toothed belt offers important advantages in handling and wear. The carbon belt is maintenance-free, which means no re-tensioning, especially after the bicycle has been run in. Nor do you have the bother of cleaning or oiling. Furthermore, it is a lot more durable, and you don't have to worry about getting oil on your clothes.

Quality, security and progress

  • Developed
  • Tested
  • Made in Germany

2015 new

The lowest maintenance impulse drive ever

Gates Karbonriemen

The Gates carbon belt ensures unalloyed riding pleasure, maintenance-free cleanliness and a long service life: no rust, no dirt, no squeaks, simply trouble-free.

Innovative e-bike technology

Recht & Sicherheit

The fastest version!

  • More power thanks to motor with 350 W rated output
  • More speed with assistance up to 45 km/h
  • Greater range of up to 80 kilometres with the 17 Ah battery
  • More information with the Big display as standard

Heart rate-controlled.

  • Complete control thanks to heart rate-controlled drive technology
  • Suitable for all types of rider, with new XXL model for a gross weight of up to 170 kg
  • The healthiest way to do heart-rate controlled exercise

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