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Impulse Evo app: intelligently networked

Your smart phone is safely stored in your pocket, and yet the navigation instructions are constantly visible: thanks to the navigation app and Bluetooth connection, the Impulse Evo conveniently displays the route to your destination. What's more, the USB charging socket ensures you stay powered up if your smart phone's battery runs out.

Start screen

Shows the overview of the sub-item menu

The Impulse Evo system is characterised by simple, intuitive operation – this also extends to use of the navigation software. The clear menu provides quick access to all central functions.

Calculate route

In addition to the classic "Start-Destination" navigation function, tours around your location, both in Germany and all other European countries, can be planned. This, of course, is always based on the current battery capacity.

Map route

The tracking function enables the actual route taken to be mapped, thus allowing you to create your own tour library.

My routes

You can save your routes, comment on them and call them up again as necessary. You can also grant other users access to your routes or upload routes published by Naviki users.


Customised settings such as average speed, weight and bike type serve to optimise route calculation.

The Impulse Evo navigation app can be downloaded free of charge from the iPhone App Store or the Google Play Store.

Test here the new Impulse EVO!

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