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Our quality marks and their meaning

Made in Germany
Our brands are among the most innovative on the market. When it comes to the development, manufacturingand construction of our bikes, we prefer to keep things traditional: our bikes are Made in Germany, hand-crafted to the highest standard of workmanship.A team of experts made up of engineering designers, professional riders, scientists, prototype manufacturers and testing engineers works side-by side at our workshops. What's more, every one of our bikes is produced individually and is hand-welded.
Powder coated
Besides perfect components, every bike needs tough, durable paintwork. The frames are therefore powder coated in our cutting-edge, environment-friendly paint shop. This process involves baking plastic granules into the frame, which then form a top-class, tough finish.
Large, easy to read, clear LCD display. Lots of information to access, e.g. remaining range indicator with a number of speedo meter functions and customisable favourites. With backlit display: a help in direct sunlight or at dusk.
LCD Compact
New, easy to read display. Key information is always visible: battery charge level and power-assist mode, speed, daily mileage and overall kilometre readings. Convenient with backlit display.
Integrated Rack System
Integrated fixing of the pannier rack via a steel rail, which runs underneath the mudguard.This increases the rigidity of the pannier rack system as a whole by enabling it to retain its shape under higher loads, thereby increasing riding safety.Moreover, the hidden connection of the pannier rack ensures a tidy appearance.
205 km range
This Kalkhoff pedelec can cover a distance of up to 205 km when using lowassist levels in ideal conditions with a fully charged battery
TFT (Thin Film Transistor)
Optimal readability in all light conditions. The strain on the rider is reduced through automatic adaptation.
An LED bike light is extremely bright, durable and unaffected by vibration. This greatly increases safety and riding comfort at dusk andwhen it's dark.
Optimal weight distribution thanks to centre motor with freewheel function. You can rotate the pedals into the desiredposition at any time.
System with centre motor and proven back-pedal brake, giving you easy and precise braking control at all times.

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Made in Germany
Powder coated
205 km range