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Speeding through the bends, or enjoying a long, relaxing tour, or going shopping in style on our Fashion e-bike - we develop and build bicycles that simply suit your requirements to perfection. Powerful start-up or gradual pedalling assistance - our in-house developed drive systems Impulse 2.0 and Impulse Evo are engineered to suit your riding style. They also undergo rigorous testing. You can rest assured that before you sit in the saddle, we have thoroughly tested your e-bike.

Which e-bike is sporty and boasts innovative technology & design?

The lights turn green, you switch to Sport, and you're away! If you want to speed along without breaking into a sweat, then this e-bike, with its innovative technology and modern design, is perfect for you: 80 Nm torque, 250 W motor output, 17 Ah battery capacity. We offer you even more with the Kalkhoff Integrale: 

  • Powerful Impulse Evo RS drive system (250 W, Speed 350 W)
  • Perfectly integrated technology
  • Low-maintenance belt drive and
  • Comprehensive navigation function.

With the Kalkhoff Impulse Pro Connect you get a sporty yet affordable e-bike with the highly successful Impulse 2.0 drive system.


Kalkhoff E-Bikes fast & sporty

Which e-bike is ideal for long tours and is right up to date?

As a fan of cycle touring, are you looking for a bike that combines comfort and modern design? Do you want an e-bike that gives you a natural cycling feel without making you puff and pant? The Kalkhoff Citybikes are made for every day and long tours, complete with high-quality, modern components and accessories:

  • Impressive battery range of up to 205 km
  • Comprehensive navigation function (Include, Select)
  • Sturdy pannier rack and
  • Modern design.


Relaxed on long Tours

Which e-bike is ideal for the big city?

An insider’s tip for the big city. Kalkhoff Durban is the name of the lightweight, robust and easy to handle E-bikes which have been specially developed for urban use. Following the ‘less is more’ principle, the new Durban Trio has been equipped with

  • Tough Groove Go rear wheel motors
  • Compact energy stores
  • Extra-long mudguards allow you to brave even rainy days.

The Sahel Compact is the perfect choice for every day and for taking on holiday, with the trusty Impulse 2.0 motor and a easily adjustable handlebar stem and saddle. 

Urban Bikes

Light & fast. The e-bike for the city!
Urban Bikes

*At the lowest assistance level, under optimal conditions, with a fully charged battery in perfect condition and with the highest possible capacity. Dependent on the selected model and battery type.

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