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E-Bike computer

An E-Bike computer consists of two units: The control panel and the display. The display is a monitor and computer in one. The E-Bike computer is controlled using the control panel. The installed software controls the assistance provided by the motor according to your menu selection and your pedal force.

Generally, we recommend a pedalling cadence of approximately 60 revolutions/minute.

Impulse Evo - the new drive generation from Kalkhoff

Even better informed thanks to LCD displays available in three versions

Control panel



IMPULSE Nahbedienteil

It is quite easy to make the basic settings on the control panel even while in motion. Select the assist levels ECO, SPORT and POWER or the ERGO mode for heart rate-controlled training.

  • New and particularly convenient in the dark: The illuminated control ring.
  • Even easier to operate: The control ring has an ergonomic shape for convenient and safe handling, without having to let go of the handlebar.


Compact and communicative: the stylish new Impulse Evo Smart compact display is equipped with:

  • a Bluetooth module 
  • USB charging
  • allows an connection to a smartphone and due to this an easy navigation

Impulse Evo Smart Display



Your smartphone is safely stored in your pocket, and yet the navigation instructions are constantly visible. Thanks to the Impulse Evo navigation app, based on the tried and tested Naviki software, and Bluetooth connection, the Impulse Evo smart conveniently displays the route to your destination. And the USB charging socket ensures you stay powered up if your smartphone`s battery runs out.

  • Standard displays:    
    Speed, remaining range, battery level, assist level, assist bar, clock
  • Selectable displays:  
    Average tour speed, tour kilometers, tour time, maximum trip speed, average trip speed, trip kilometers, trip time, cadence, total kilometers
  • Navigation displays: 
    Directional arrow, road name, distance to next change of direction

LCD Big display



Impulse LCD big Display perspektivisch

The large LCD display consists of a housing with a premium chrome finish. Its size means not only is it very easy to read, but also offers a complete overview of lots of information. You can individually select what information to display:

  • Trip
  • Trip time
  • Total mileage
  • Current power assist and reserves
  • Tour cost and total cost
  • CO2 and money saved compared to a car journey
  • Kilometres covered during the day or overall
  • Tour time and tour top speed
  • Average tour and average overall speed




Impulse LCD big Display

You can make the following settings:

  • Assist level: ECO, SPORT, POWER and, with the S-Pedelec, POWER, SPORT
  • Three ride programs: Relax, regular, dynamic
  • Duration of shift interruption
  • Climb Assist
  • Max speed with the S-Pedelec




LCD Compact display



Impulse LCD Compact Display

The LCD Compact displays all the key information in a neat, elegant, back-lit housing with a chrome finish. It displays all the key information at a glance:

  • Battery charge state
  • Assistance level
  • Speed
  • Trip distance
  • Total kilometres




LCD ERGO display



Impulse LCD Ergo Display

The LCD ERGO is identical to the LCD Big. Additionally, it has the following functions and information:

  • Unique heart-rate control
  • Indicates your target heart rate
  • Displays your current heart rate while in motion

The exact details of how the ERGO functions are explained in the section "ERGO operation".

Xion – Our sportiest drive

Offers powerful assistance and safe handling.


Control panel



XION Nahbedienteil

You can control the power assist conveniently using the control panel. You can choose between 5 assist levels and 2 recuperation levels, as well as the ride profiles ECO and SPORT. In addition, you call up all ride information on the display using the control panel.

  • New and practical: You make all stettings while in motion without taking your hand off the handlebar.






XION Display

The XION system has a high-resolution, high-quality TFT display to give you intuitive and ergonomic control over all functions. A unique light sensor and back-lit display ensures very good readability in all light conditions. You can make the following settings:

  • 5 assist levels
  • 2 recuperation levels
  • Ride profiles ECO and SPORT




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