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Kalkhoff e-bike with centre motor – for perfect weight distribution

Natural feel when riding, high level of directional stability and direct power transmission to the chain – the centre motor offers many advantages, and we bank on this with the drive Impulse 2.0 and Impulse Evo. The e-bike centre motor ensures a natural feel and a stable road handeling. The battery is located in the down tube or behind the seat tube and also contributes to the optimal weight distribution. The low centre of gravity makes the bike safe and enjoyable to ride. Another advantage of the centre motor on an e-bike: both derailleur or hub gears can be installed and the front and rear wheels are easy to change. On an e-bike with a centre motor you can obtain the ideal torque.

What offer front wheel drive and rear wheel drive?

One advantage of the rear wheel drive on bikes such as @XION is the superb grip due to the transfer of weight to the rear wheel, which facilitates a sporty style of riding. The front wheel drive on bikes such as the Groove is an inexpensive alternative for flat regions and gentle gradients. Over and above: the battery is located on the pannier rack, making it easy to remove. 

Which motor is the best choice for me?

  • Affordable front wheel drive
  • Sporty riding with rear wheel drive
  • Natural feel when riding & secure road holding with an e-bike with centre motor

Find out now which e-bike has the right centre motor for you: the Kalkhoff Impulse Evo or the E-Bike Bosch.



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