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More power with a Bosch e-bike!

Bosch supplies two categories of e-bike, one of which will be right for you. The Performance range gives you power and endurance with a battery capacity of 500 Wh and a range of up to 180 km*. The powerful 75 Nm acceleration allows you to pull away smartly when the traffic lights change to green. Alternatively, you can enjoy a pleasant ride to the market on an e-bike from Bosch's Active range with its 400 Wh battery. These bikes run virtually silently thanks to their precision motor control and speedy processing of sensor signals. 

Another advantage: the low centre of gravity due to the Bosch battery being fitted on the down tube provides good road holding and improved grip! The optimal position of the battery on a Bosch e-bike makes it easy to remove and the battery carrying handle makes it easier to transport from A to B. The Bosch battery is quick to charge, enabling you to get back in the saddle again sooner. 

All the data at a glance – the Bosch on-board computer 

The Bosch e-bike on-board computer supplies you with the following information:

  • current remaining range ✔
  • speed ✔
  • distance covered ✔
  • journey time. ✔

It shows you all the riding data so that you always maintain an overview. Even in direct sunlight the display is still easy to read. You can also charge your smartphone whilst on the move using the integrated USB interface.

Would you like to make adjustments according to your individual preferences, for instance using your heart rate to control the assistance? If so, then take a look at the Impulse drive. If your heart rate falls below the optimal frequency while riding, the motor will also reduce its assistance. If your heart rate gets too high, the drive power will be increased. Try out the difference, then use Dealer search to find a bike specialist near you.

*At the lowest assistance level, under optimal conditions, with a fully charged battery in perfect condition and with the highest possible capacity. Dependent on the selected model and battery type.