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Kalkhoff selects brakes, gears and other components from the most respected suppliers in the industry and trusts in the high-quality own brand Concept. We also additionally check all the components we use in our own test laboratory. This allows us to review our quality standards on an ongoing basis.


In order to promote the issue of active safety without having to do without tried-and-tested features, Kalkhoff has worked together with Shimano on a project to produce a disc brake hub with backpedal function. As a result, the superior performance of disc brakes can now be used together with the familiar backpedal brake function for the very first time.

Detail Bremse

The brakes should bring the bike to a standstill quickly and safely in any situation. This is particularly important with fast E-Bikes and pedelecs because of their higher speed. State-of-the-art technology, a painstaking production process and testing once the brakes are mounted on the bike are therefore essential. The hydraulic rim brakes, which deliver the best stopping power even in wet conditions, are supplied by the German manufacturer Magura, for example.

Detail Federgabel

Our developers devoted special attention to the design of Kalkhoff's own Verso fork. With this suspension fork the brake is mounted behind the fork rather than in front, as is usually is the case. This meant that the brakes could be made much more effective and annoying brake squeal could be avoided. We feel it is important to equip our bikes with the right type of brake for any situation in order to ensure safe cycling.

Exclusive: Stand light and daytime running light

Detail Rücklicht

The LED front light Concept EX Pro, developed exclusively for Kalkhoff, is extremely bright (80 Lux).Daytime running light and stand light maximise safety both by day and at night. The rear safety light has a stand light function. It lights up intermittently when braking, which increases road safety.


Details Schaltung NuVinci

Kalkhoff uses gears from the world's largest manufacturer Shimano. We also use the premium-quality innovative gears from NuVinvi, including the automatic shift system. Above all, our product developers place special emphasis on durability and precise functioning.

Pannier rack mount

Detail Gepäckträger

The newly developed pannier rack mount is concealed under the mudguard. This maximises stability and makes for very clean lines.

Striking head tube

Detail Steuerkopfrohr

The tube is made using state-of-the-artaluminium die-casting technology. This makes it extremely durable and stable. The cables are protected by being routed inside the frame.

New stand

Detail Hinterbauständer

The stand is adjustable and, up, it hugs thee-bike, for even greater comfort and more secure footing.

Innovative dropout

Detail Ausfallende

The hollow forging makes the dropout light and secure. The "concealed" pannier rack mount looks harmonious and tidy. The rear triangle stand is better integrated in the e-bike.

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