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Kalkhoff e-bikes – fast & sporty

Our Performance e-bikes lead the way in every respect: with a motor output of up to 250 watts (S-Pedelecs up to 350 watts) & a battery output of 500 watt-hours. Long trips? No problem! With the Kalkhoff Integrale and the Pro Connect Impulse S10 S-Pedelecs you can tackle long routes at 45 km/h, and with the Kalkhoff Integrale models 8 & 10 and the Pro Connect 9 & 10 you can ride up to 205 km.*

Perfect weight distribution with well-positioned battery

The centre motor ensures ideal weight distribution. The low centre of gravity of the batteries in and on the extremely stable down tube and behind the seat tube on our Performance e-bikes gives you additional stability. Another advantage: the design makes for an uncluttered appearance!

Looking for a really sporty biking experience? If so, then the Pro Connect X27, for example, is the perfect e-bike for you. The rear-wheel drive provides you with direct thrust for sporty riding. 

*At the lowest assistance level, under optimal conditions, with a fully charged battery in perfect condition and with the highest possible capacity. Dependent on the selected model and battery type.



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