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The easiest first step you'll take: find the frame to suit you – from the classic to particularly sporty or comfortable types. State-of-the-art technology meets perfect form.


Classic men's frame offering the ideal combination of a solid, lightweight and sporty design.


Sporty type with highly stable frame, low weight and a dynamic streak.


Compact aluminium frame for flexible use.


Universally popular - the Wave frame combines comfort and safe ride characteristics.


Aluminium frame in traditional look, easy to get on.

Find out the right frame size

The correct frame height directly influences your sitting position and thereby the ride quality and comfort. Here it is not just body size that plays a role, but this can serve as the starting point for finding the correct frame height.

Likewise, your individual ratios of upper body, arm and leg length are decisive in choosing the correct frame size. 

Ideally you should seek advice from a specialist dealer and have yourself measured. This will help you work out your sizes and adjust your bike or the handlebar and saddle positions to fit you perfectly.

Frame size in shorthand

S (26'') = 42, 43 or 45 cm seat tube length (depending on the model)

S = 45 cm seat tube length

M = 50 cm seat tube length

L = 55 cm seat tube length

XL = 60 cm seat tube length

XXL = 64 cm seat tube length

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Body height in cm, length of seat tube in cm

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