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We develop and produce city, urban and trekking bikes with the utmost care in our very own factory in northern Germany. Working together, experienced engineers design the frames and ensure that the materials used are of a high quality. The trekking frames, for instance, are made to be particularly stable, lightweight and sophisticated.


Our machines work 24/7 to test what goals can be achieved with the city, urban and trekking bikes. At our test centre, we use 30 machines to test frames, forks, seatposts, wheels, brakes and much more besides – up to 2,000 parts per year. We set our DIN standards far higher than prescribed to ensure your safety.

Exklusive solutions:

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The latest production technology "Made in Germany" and the highest standards of comfort, performance and quality provides high-performance components.

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The Kalkhoff Design

The paints are applied as part of a time-consuming process and checked by hand in the modern paint shop. The Kalkhoff finish is thus preserved for a long time to come. Dexterity is also a must when applying the decorative features. They are individually positioned on the trekking and city bikes by sight. The modern water transfer procedure means that Kalkhoff can use particularly high-quality and elaborate decorative features.

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