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“De Telegraaf”, the popular Dutch daily newspaper, carried out its very own large-scale e-bike test.

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We make bikes that are just right for you. Our Endeavour and Voyager models are ideal for an extensive trekking bike tour, while our Agattu bikes are comfortable and convenient for shopping trips. The stylish Cityglider and City Classic bikes will transport you elegantly along city streets.

The Kalkhoff Integrale will get you to work in double-quick time and the Include e-bike features a navigation system that will take you to new places. The Sahel Compact models are easy to pack and store, while the Tasman Classic Impulse e-bikes will delight any retro fan.

What advantages do the centre motor, front- and rear-wheel drive offer? Which is the best e-bike for sporty riding and which one will give me a natural riding experience? We will give you an overview of our drives and their power, and lead you directly to the most suitable e-bikes.

An E-Bike computer consists of two units: The control panel and the display. The display is a monitor and computer in one.

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